Urban Barnwood

Giving new life to Century Old Barnwood, our Urban Reclaimed Barnwood Collection is an excellent way to preserve history in a modern style.

Handcrafted by our talented Amish Craftsman in Ohio from local aged barns.  With less farming and as these buildings continue to age, it comes a time to make a choice.  Some barns are restored close to their original state and others are disassembled piece by piece to salvage as much as possible to be reclaimed.  From there the lumber undergoes a cleaning and drying process.  All the barnwood is run under a metal detector twice where the nails are marked and removed.  It is then kiln-dried to 7% moisture, exterminating all the bugs and insects and ready to be crafted into stunning, modern furniture.

Embrace the vibrant personality of this Reclaimed Barnwood and be a part of its history.  Each piece completely unique, its sure to make a statement in any room.  Help us reduce the global footprint with this stunning Eco-Friendly Furniture.

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