Blending form with function… for the art of it

For centuries, fine furniture enthusiasts have known that the best desks, cabinets and hutches perfectly combine utility with beauty. Pieces designed for reading, writing and organizing papers have long been made to fulfill those dual requirements.

In comparatively recent times, the advent of television and computers has created a need for entertainment furniture, which also must be both functional and beautiful.

It is in this tradition of blending form with function that we at Dutchcreek create our entire product line, from home office pieces for working to home entertainment units for relaxing. And while we design furniture of classic beauty, we also keep a keen eye on changing consumer needs and tastes, to add the best in exciting new looks at the right time.

It all began in 2002, when Dutchcreek was established by James and Linda Weaver. A master craftsman with 27 years experience, James had a passion for creating and building original designs, and a desire to create jobs for his family and members of his local community.

For the next eight years the company grew. So much so, that in 2010, Dutchcreek erected a brand new structure with four times the room. Today, in this spacious work area, we focus on only one thing: designing and building the very best furniture we can. The second generation of the Weaver family works side-by-side with like-minded craftsmen from our local community to maintain our tradition of excellence.

Located in the gorgeous rolling hills of Wayne County, Ohio, Dutchcreek is surrounded by the idyllic natural beauty of fertile farms and oxygen-producing woodlands—a forest that has increased in size by some 3,000 trees in the last five years. The company planted the new trees as part of our ongoing reforestation efforts. That’s because we believe in giving back to the environment what we’re taking from it. Respect for nature is part of our nature. It’s just how we look at things.

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